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Cambridge Engineering Products Qualify for Rebate from Laclede Gas


ST. LOUIS — Cambridge Engineering, a manufacturer of HTHV (high temperature heating and ventilation) direct gas-fired heaters for commercial and industrial spaces, encourages purchasers and end-users of their products to take full advantage of a new rebate available from Laclede Gas. 

Under this new, prescriptive rebate each installed S-Series or SA-Series HTHV direct-fired gas heater qualifies for a $500 rebate, the highest prescriptive rebate available from Laclede Gas.

"We're pleased that, in addition to the significant energy savings end-users of our S-Series and SA-Series realize, they can earn a further return on their investment through this rebate," said Randy Niederer, director of marketing for Cambridge. "Of course, these products continue to qualify for custom rebates with Laclede, as they have historically, but this provides our customers a quick, easy payback without the hassle of the application process and necessary paperwork required for a custom rebate." 

To place the energy savings that can be realized with Cambridge products into context, a 2014 field study by the Department of Energy confirmed a minimum of 20 percent natural gas savings in a one-to-one comparison between Cambridge SA250 units and conventional unit heaters. This translates to a natural gas savings of $0.034/sf.  As demonstrated in this chart below from Laclede Gas, purchasers of Cambridge HTHV products can receive the $500 rebate per unit, $200 over those available with traditional condensing unit heaters.

The four Cambridge units providing heating and ventilation in the 42,000 sf DOE field study warehouse yielded savings of $1,428 (20% energy savings calculated as 42,000 sf x $0.034).  Had this rebate been available at the time, these units could have been eligible for an additional $2,000 in HTHV direct-fired gas heater rebates (4 x $500), for a total first-year savings of $3,428.  

As previously noted, owners of larger commercial spaces better suited for Cambridge's larger S-Series HTHV heaters still qualify for custom rebates from Laclede Gas and Cambridge Engineering professionals are available for help with those applications.  Also of note, all Cambridge HTHV units use 100% outside air for safe, efficient heating of large commercial spaces.

"Commercial building owners know the pain of paying their monthly heating bills," Niederer said. "With low efficiencies, significant stratification issues, and challenges in even air distribution throughout the building, owners and operators of buildings with unit heaters can find that pain to be significant.  With the savings and additional rebates available from Laclede Gas, Cambridge customers can go a long way toward alleviating that pain."

For additional information, visit  cambridge-eng.com.