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Bryant Preferred 92S Gas Furnace


INDIANAPOLIS, IN — Bryant Heating & Cooling Systems announces the release of
the Preferred 92S condensing gas furnace, which features a four-way multipoise
design for upflow, downflow or horizontal installation, making this part of the latest generation of gas furnaces that are easier to install than previous ones. In addition, the Preferred 92S is an ideal height with a 35-inch cabinet, which is short enough for taller coils, but still allows enough room for installation and service.

The Preferred 92S features FanOnPlus technology, allowing for continuous fan speed when used with a compatible thermostat. This ensures that homeowners are in control of how much air flows through the house when the system is operating in ‘constant fan’ mode. The gas furnace also features a Bryant unique silicon nitride Perfect Light Hot Surface Igniter that is not only physically robust but also electrically robust. It is capable of running at line voltage without requiring complex voltage regulators. This unique feature continues the Bryant tradition of providing reliable and durable products.

With an Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) of 92.1%, the Preferred 92S provides
added savings over standard gas furnaces. All units meet California Air Quality Management
District emission requirements, are design certified in Canada, and are certified for
mobile/manufactured home use. In addition, these units meet ENERGY STAR® regional
standards in southern states.

“The Preferred 92S gas furnace provides a number of installation configurations and
allows for considerable flexibility for the contractor and homeowner,” said Bill Stewart, product
marketing manager, Bryant. “The Preferred 92S achieves a very efficient 92.1% AFUE and
when all of the features and benefits are factored in, this furnace makes a welcome addition to
Bryant’s mid-tier offerings.”

At the heart of the electrical efficiency of the Preferred 92S is an electronically
commutated motor (ECM) blower motor, which provides adjustable blower speeds for cooling,
heating, continuous fan and dehumidification modes of operation.

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