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Bristol Compressors Releases “The Beast”
to North American Market for Spring 2014

BRISTOL, Va. — For spring 2014, Bristol Compressors is releasing The Beast™, an aftermarket compressor unit designed for even more reliable operation in the most challenging environments, to the North American market.
According to company officials, The Beast™ continues to raise the bar for efficiency and reliability in the aftermarket. The new generation compressor is engineered to overcome tough conditions that could take down a lesser unit. Specifically, The Beast™ offers:
·        Ability to start under low voltage and extreme ambient conditions;
·        Resistance to contamination associated with replacement repairs;
·        Enhanced liquid refrigerant tolerance;
·        Elimination of electrical failures due to mis-wire or defective start components; and
·        Quiet operation in high-ambient conditions and during defrost cycles.
“We are thrilled to offer The Beast™ because it is cutting-edge technology that will have a real impact in the aftermarket, specifically for residential applications,” says Joel Moseley, vice president of sales and marketing for Bristol Compressors. “We call it The Beast™ because it is so tough — it will stand up to extreme ambient conditions.”
The Beast™, also identified as HBST, will be available nationwide through the network of authorized Bristol Compressors dealers and distributors.
About Bristol Compressors
Headquartered in Bristol, Va., Bristol Compressors designs and manufactures hermetic compressors for residential and light commercial air conditioning, heat pump and refrigeration applications. The company supplies compressors to original equipment manufacturers and wholesale distributors on six continents and in more than 60 countries around the world.
Spanning 750,000 square feet, the company’s Bristol operations are fully integrated, with world-class machining capabilities that complement reconfigured high-volume assembly lines. Operations are designed around lean manufacturing process techniques.
With a focus on safety, quality and operational effectiveness, Bristol Compressors has transformed its operations to support global customers’ continuous improvement expectations in quality assurance and supply. Bristol Compressors maintains market-leading positions in North America and the Middle East.
In keeping with a commitment to deliver environmentally conscious, energy-efficient products, Bristol Compressors offers a variety of ozone-friendly refrigerant compressors with fixed- and variable-frequency drive configurations, high-output heat pump compressors, geothermal targeted products, and the highest performing refrigeration compressors in the industry.
For more information about Bristol Compressors, visit www.bristolcompressors.com.
Company Mission: Bristol Compressors is committed to delivering product excellence in quality and reliability; our people are dedicated to providing world-class customer service, value, delivery and technical support to our global HVACR customers.