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Bosch Rotary Hammer Maximizes Productivity, Reduces Fatigue

Originally published: 10.30.12 by

Bosch Power Tools has introduced its RH850VC 1-7/8-inch SDS-max Rotary Hammer. The company says it’s the hardest hitting and fastest drilling hammer in its class according to European Power Tool Association guidelines. 

The RH850VC boasts several features that maximize productivity and minimize wear and tear on the user, the company says.

The RH850VC has a total of 9.3 foot-pounds of impact energy. In addition, optimized RPMs ranging from 150-305, BPM's from 1,380-2,760 and a 13.5 amp motor, enable it to enhance productivity during all-day use and allow users to get more done in less time on the jobsite. 

The RH850VC is the first Bosch Hammer to feature three levels of vibration control. The first level is a longer air cushion, the second level consists of a tuned mass damper and the final, third level of vibration control the tool's decoupled main handle. 

The tool's SDS-max bit system offers users tool-free bit changes, an automatic bit lock once the accessory has been inserted, built in dust protection and the maximum impact energy transfer rate. 

A Vario-lock mechanism rotates and locks the hammer's chisel into 12 different positions to optimize a variety of

working angle while a selector knob gives users the option to select from several functions including hammer drilling, chiseling only or the Vario-lock function. 

A variable speed dial allows for controlled drilling and demolition applications while Constant Response circuitry provides soft-start and overload protection and maintains constant speed under load. The new hammer also includes service minder brushes that indicate when preventative maintenance is required. 

For more information: www.boschtools.com 

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