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There's No Shame in Showing Off

published on 01.25.17

There's No Shame in Showing Off

I interrupt this blog post to bring you an important announcement.

The way you present your company has a profound impact on your business. If you think people purchase goods and services based upon rational thinking, think again. Most decisions are made based on associations and feelings — and the image you present goes a long way toward imprinting yourself on your customer base.

Projecting the right image is crucial for positioning yourself in the marketplace and establishing brand identity. Nowhere is image more important for a contractor than on it's most valuable asset — the fleet.

The Tops in Trucks Fleet Design Contest is our annual salute to outstanding fleet vehicle advertising and graphic design. Visibility goes a long way toward keeping your company top of mind, and there’s no better way to market your company than through your fleet of vehicles.

Since the inception of the Tops in Trucks Fleet Design Contest 10 years ago, hundreds of HVACR contractors have submitted entries, but only 30 have been awarded the prestigious honor.

Do you think your fleet has what it takes to be among the elite?

Enter the 2017 Tops in Trucks Fleet Design Contest and gain recognition for your marketing, branding and — most of all — your eye-catching fleet!

Winning fleet vehicles are featured on the cover of our June issue.


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