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You're More Strategic Than You Think

published on 07.13.15

You're More Strategic Than You Think

As a business owner, you made decisions on daily — or, dare I say, hourly — basis. That's just part of the job of running a business. Some days, I'm sure it seems like all you do is solve problems and react to situations brought to your attention by an employee or customer.

You might not think you have much time to sit back and plan and you probably don't consider yourself a strategic thinker when your days are filled with resolving one situation after another. Well, I'm willing to bet you're more strategic than you think.

Do you anticipate change and look for new opportunities? Are you willing to invest today for long-term success? Are you able to prioritize?

You have to be able to do all those things to run a successful business and, guess what, those are all characteristics of a strategic thinker.

Strategic thinkers are also life-long learners. Well, if you weren't proactive in seeking out knowledge, then you wouldn't be reading my blog and you definitely wouldn't subscribe to our magazine.

As you move about your day, making quick decisions and shifting from one area of the business to the next, you have to be nimble. Yep, that's another characteristic of strategic thinkers.

Interested in learning more about the difference between strategic thinkers and conventional thinkers? Check out this post by Peter Walsh on harvardbusiness.org.


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