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What's Your Job Description?

published on 01.17.17

What's Your Job Description?

Anyone who has ever managed employees knows the importance of defined roles for those employees. You'd be hard-pressed to find a profitable company where employees don't have some sort of job description to guide them day to day.

Job descriptions are an essential part of running your company efficiently. And I'm not simply talking about job descriptions for employees — it's important for everyone in the company to have a defined role, including management.

As Lisë Stewart wrote for us a couple of years ago, it's important to clarify management's roles and expectations.

"As a business evolves and grows, the roles and expectations of managers, including owners, begins to shift. In many cases this simply happens by default, with little or no discussion. Problems can arise when expectations differ and when people don’t perform in a way consistent with expectations."

She makes a great point, especially in family run or small businesses that are experiencing growth. As managers, we often overlook our own responsibilities, focusing instead on our employees.

Even if you're the boss, you're still an employee — an employee of the company. And if you want the company to be efficient and profitable, you need a job description too.

Check out the rest of Lisë's column here.


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