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What Type of Leader Are You?

published on 01.04.17

What Type of Leader Are You?

Articles on leadership are aplenty — and it's the topic I most often hear from contractors that they want to read more about.

Leaders come in all shapes and sizes. Some are soft-spoken and knowledgeable, some have bombastic personalities while others are kind and reserved.

Just as each of us is different, so is our individual leadership styles — and what's right for one person might not necessarily be right for another. Likewise, the best leadership style for you might also depend on the people who count on you to lead them.

I recently came across an article which outlined 12 different leadership styles. I knew there were more than a few, but I hadn't realized there could be as many as a dozen.

What I found most interesting, was that many of the leaders I know (myself included) don't necessarily fit into a sole category — at least not the great leaders. No, the best leaders may fall mostly into one leadership style, but also borrow from a number of different areas. 

This is what makes them great leaders. As I said earlier, when trying to find your own leadership style, it's important to not only lead in a way that makes you comfortable, but your employees as well.

Check out the article on the 12 Different Types of Leadership, and discover in which category — or categories — you belong.


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