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Hire Those Who Serve

published on 11.11.14

Hire Those Who Serve

Happy Veterans Day!

Thank you to all who have served our great country — with a special shout out to my Dad (Army), my brothers Steve (Navy) and Rob (Navy), my sister-in-law Sandy (Navy) and my brother-in-law Jon (Army).

Today is a special day to honor those who have sacrificed for our freedom. It's also a great reminder of a talent pool you can tap into for your company.

While its certainly true that hiring a veteran has benefits, some obvious and some not so obvious (see Mike Coyne's article from Sept. 2012), actually recruiting and training them can be a challenge. Well, maybe not ...

Troops to Trades is a national program dedicated to encouraging veterans of the United States Military to enter trade careers. It was started by the Nexstar Legacy Foundation, a national non-profit organization dedicated to attracting talented individuals to the HVACR, plumbing and electrical industries.

Gillece Services, an HVACR company in Bridgeville, Penn., is one company participating in the Troops to Trade program. The company's state-of-the art training center, located in the Gillece corporate headquarters in Bridgeville (just outside Pittsburgh), will be the Regional Veterans Training facility for the Troops to Trades program. 

Gillece has committed to offering the veterans participating in the program paid apprenticeships while they train (they've also committed to offering them jobs once training is complete). 

According to Tom Gillece, owner of Gillece Services: "This program will help to connect thousands of veterans to businesses looking for technicians in high demand trades—plumbing, heating/cooling electrical are top on the list of best careers for the future."

He also believes — as do I — the launch of the Regional Troops to Business Network will fuel an effort to get more businesses thinking about the benefits of training/hiring veterans. 

This really is a worthwhile program and, with the need for quality service technicians in the industry, it's something every HVACR contractor should at least check out.



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