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Hire Slow, Fire Fast

published on 07.17.15

Hire Slow, Fire Fast

If you've ever applied for a job, went on an interview and then waited and waited and waited for a response, I'm sure you know just how frustrating it is when an employer takes what seems like forever to make a decision.

On the flip side, as an employer you know just how necessary it is to properly vet all those applicants to choose the right one for your company. Well, the successful companies with low employee turnover know this — sadly, too many times companies are desperate to fill an opening, they hire the first "good" candidate that comes along.

When you're short-staffed, looking for the right person to join your company is the last thing you might want to spend time on — after all, you're swamped and need someone now! But, believe me, it's a necessary process that shouldn't be rushed.

You only have to make one bad hire to learn this lesson. And when you do realize the person you quickly hired isn't working out, it's best for both parties to cut ties and start over.

I read an article recently on Fast Company on why employers today are taking longer than ever to make hiring decisions. It's not only a growing trend here, the article states, but globally as well.

The bottom line is, your employees are your company's biggest asset and you need quality employees if you're going to be a quality company. You've spent a great deal of time building your business plan and shaping the company the way you want it to work; shouldn't you spend time making sure you surround yourself with the right people who are going to help your company achieve success?


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