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Make Your Own Good Luck Today

published on 01.13.17

Make Your Own Good Luck Today

As I departed the elevator this morning, the man with whom I was riding up wished me a happy Friday the 13th. He chuckled, then wondered aloud, "I wonder why it's considered unlucky ... I'm sure you can Google it."

I told him I believed it stems from when the Knights Templar were arrested and executed on a Friday the 13th, and we parted ways to our respective offices.

Of course, once I got to my desk I did, in fact, Google it to find out if I was correct in my assumption as to the date's unlucky origin.

While I wasn't totally correct, I wasn't completely wrong either. What I found was that no one really knows the true origin of Friday the 13th, and that the tale of the Knights Templar's demise is actually a modern notion with no basis in any documented history.

Both the number 13 and Friday have long been considered unlucky on their own (which, if you ask me, is itself a good reason to consider it bad when the two team up together).

Friday is considered the day that Eve gave Adam the "apple" and they were kicked out of the Garden of Eden (even though "Friday" would not yet have existed). In addition, the Temple of Solomon was said to have been destroyed on Friday. And Jesus was traditionally considered to have been crucified on a Friday (now, actually referred to as "Good Friday").

Piggybacking on the tie-in to the crucifixion of Jesus, it was also considered unlucky to have 13 people sitting at a table for dinner, which supposedly is due to the fact that Judas was the 13th person to be seated at the Last Supper.

Christianity isn't the only religion to consider the number 13 unlucky, as many faiths have their own story/reasons why 13 is bad.

As to the combination of Friday and the number 13, the oldest pairing of significance is the 1907 novel by Thomas W. Lawson, entitled "Friday, the Thirteenth," about a stockbroker's scheme to destroy the market on that day.

There are many tales throughout history from many different traditions that detail dreadful things happening on Friday the 13th — as it, perhaps, has become a scapegoat day for bad luck.

Then, of course, there is the horror film franchise of the same name. If you don't know what I'm referring to or you've never seen any of these films, well, where have you been? Ironically, there are 12 of these films in the series.

Whether you believe in superstition or not, Friday the 13th has become synonymous for bad luck. If something bad happens today, many people will use it as an excuse. Personally, I don't believe in any of it — I simply enjoy learning about the history and origins.

Go out and make your own good luck today and have a happy Friday the 13th!


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