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Don't Let Your Resolution Die

published on 01.21.15

Don't Let Your Resolution Die

Now is the time to refocus yourself on the New Year's Resolutions you've made this year.

Studies show most New Year's Resolutions tend to die out around this time of the month (a mere three weeks into the New Year), so take a step back and start again if you have to. Don't give up!

The reason you made a resolution is because you wanted to make a change. Change is difficult, and it takes commitment.

You started the year all gung-ho, ready to be a better person, a better business leader. Maybe you got busy and slacked off, maybe you didn't. Regardless, now — not later — is when you should remind yourself why you resolved to do this or do that.

I, along with millions of others, resolved to be healthier and exercise more this year. I actually started this back at Thanksgiving and was doing great through the holidays. The last couple of weeks, however, were a different story. For one reason or another, my exercise routine became less frequent. 

I recognized this and, instead of giving up, I recommitted myself to my goal. Last night, I got back on my treadmill (it's so cold and snowy here in Cleveland) and went for a short, 3-mile run. I felt great afterward and was re-energized to begin again. I'll be going for another run tonight. And tomorrow ... I promise. 

There's no shame in starting over — the shame is in giving up.


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