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Communicate with Your Employees

published on 10.29.14

Communicate with Your Employees

There is a customer base that is, unfortunately, often overlooked by many companies. Many businesses spend copious amounts of time communicating with outside customers, while neglecting their internal — and perhaps most important — customers.

Yes, your employees are an important audience with whom you NEED to communicate.

Your employees can be your biggest champions or your worst enemies, depending on the level with which you communicate with them. 

Gary Grates was the vice president for corporate communications for GM in 2004 when he wrote: "Employees want to know what the company believes in and what it will fight for — its mission, vision and values; its foundational principles. They will commit or not commit, engage or disengage, on the basis of that foundation."

Non-communication succeeds at one thing: fueling the rumor mill.

Whether it's at your weekly meetings, in your employee newsletter or during informal discussions with your staff, be sure you're open and honest in your communication. You should be forthcoming with your employees and provide context. Employees not only like to know what's going on with their company, they also like to know how it will affect them personally.

Soliciting your employees’ opinions is great way to improve internal communication. But, be prepared to take action — it does little to improve satisfaction if employees believe you're not using their feedback. When you implement your employees' ideas, they receive a clear message that they're both heard and valued.

Consider an open door policy, one in which your employees will feel comfortable sharing ideas with you and your management team — and one in which they won't be afraid to ask question and expect answers.


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