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Pete Grasso - Keeping it Simple

HVACR Business Editor Pete Grasso shares his views and insight into the issues facing HVACR business owners and managers in this new blog. 



Behind the February 2017 Issue

Originally posted: 02.15.17

The January issue, with it's mix of business management content and pre-show AHR Expo coverage sets the tone for the year to come. Sometimes, it can be difficult to follow that up for February. I say sometimes, but we always find a way.

As usual, final production of the February issue coincides with last minute AHR Expo preparations, whi ... continue reading

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Behind the February 2017 Issue

Originally posted: 02.15.17

It can be difficult to follow such a great issue as January's — but with the February issue, we've put together even more top-notch content.

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Love the History of Valentine's Day

Originally posted: 02.14.17

A man named Valentinus was martyred on February 14 late in the third century A.D. But when it comes to details about the life of St. Valentine, legend often supersedes fact.

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Be a Team Member

Originally posted: 02.10.17

As a team member, don't be afraid to do tasks outside your functional area/expertise. It will show others you're willing to try new things.

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So Much to See at AHR Expo

Originally posted: 02.08.17

The AHR Innovation Awards honor the most inventive and original products, systems and technologies showcased at each year’s Expo.

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It Certainly is Grand

Originally posted: 02.07.17

A short detour before leaving Las Vegas offers breathtaking views and a sense of wonder at the awesomeness of the Grand Canyon.

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Goodbye, Las Vegas

Originally posted: 02.01.17

You can't always be at the booth, and finding someone who is friendly and a good brand ambassador is key.

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Next Level Learning

Originally posted: 01.27.17

With upwards of 70,000 people here in Las Vegas to learn, the future of the HVACR industry is bright.

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Innovation for the Masses

Originally posted: 01.27.17

On the first day of AHR Expo 2017, crowds of attendees filled the show floor and exhibitors didn't disappoint with the latest innovations.

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Stop and See Us at AHR 2017!

Originally posted: 01.27.17

AHR Expo 2017 is here! Stop by and see us in Las Vegas, tell us your business success story and pose for your cover shot.

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There's No Shame in Showing Off

Originally posted: 01.25.17

Visibility goes a long way toward keeping your company top of mind, and there’s no better way to market your company than through your fleet of vehicles.

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Productivity Means Profits

Originally posted: 01.24.17

The compensation percentage, Ruth King says, is the only ratio that’s calculated based only on your profit and loss statement.

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A Runner Runs

Originally posted: 01.20.17

I realize, to be a better runner, I have to run with better runners. People who are going to push me and support me — and I do believe I've found that group.

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Customers Want What They Want

Originally posted: 01.18.17

Customers simply want to be heard and to feel like they're being a part of the decision-making process. It's your job to provide them with enough expertise to make a wise decision when it comes to their comfort choices

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What's Your Job Description?

Originally posted: 01.17.17

Even if you're the boss, you're still an employee of the company. And if you want the company to be efficient and profitable, you need a job description too.

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Make Your Own Good Luck Today

Originally posted: 01.13.17

Whether you believe in superstition or not, Friday the 13th has become synonymous for bad luck. I don't believe in any of it — Go out and make your own good luck today!

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The Power of Good PR

Originally posted: 01.11.17

I won't go so far as to proclaim that every company needs public relations, but I will say that bad public relations will hurt you more than no public relations at all.

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Behind the January 2017 Issue

Originally posted: 01.10.17

Because January is when the industry gathers for the AHR Expo, I’ve got to strike a balance between pre-show coverage and our regular business management content.

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Runnin' Down A Dream

Originally posted: 01.06.17

This year, you can expect me to post regular updates on my health and fitness goals and progress — maybe it will motivate you, but for sure it will keep me accountable.

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What Type of Leader Are You?

Originally posted: 01.04.17

Just as each of us is different, so is our individual leadership styles — and what's right for one person might not necessarily be right for another.

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December 2017 Blog Archive

Originally posted: 01.03.17

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