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Business Insights: Franchising

Originally published: 06.01.18 by HVACR Business Staff

Business Insights: Franchising

When you become a One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® franchisee, you have a proven system in which to grow and prosper


After working as a technician for a local contracting company for nearly 20 years, Dale Webb was ready to make the leap to owning his own business in 2014.

“I finally made the decision to try it and really haven’t looked back,” Webb says. “We started with about eight employees and we’re up to 24 now.”

Early last year, Webb was looking for a way to really grow his business and had heard about Clockwork, Inc., a Direct Energy® company. Not sure if it was right for him, he began looking into them.

“I had researched it enough to know that it sounded good, but I didn’t really know if it was a good fit,” he says. “We made the trip down to Sarasota and got to tour some of the franchises down there and learn more about them.”

After talking to more people and visiting more One Hour franchises, Webb decided it was time to jump in and fully embraced the One Hour franchise model.

Last summer, Webb took advantage of One Hour Franchising, LLC’s Conversion Incentive Program and became a One

Hour and Mister Sparky® electrical services franchisee.

“They’ve already got a proven system,” he says. “And, when you’ve bought into it and try your best, you’ll make great strides towards where you need to be as a business.”

Recently, at the Northeast Kentucky Small Business Awards, Webb accepted the 2018 Emerging Business of the Year award. Air Extreme/One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning was one of only three businesses in Carter County to achieve this honor.

HVACR Business spoke with Webb about growing his business as a One Hour franchisee.

Dale Webb
One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning
Ashland, Ky.

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Business Insights: Franchising is brought to you by Clockwork, Inc. — A Direct Energy company

Did you have any concerns before you started your research?

One of my biggest concerns was making sure that we could afford to be able to join up with One Hour and Mister Sparky also. Could I afford to give them a percentage of my sales? Of course, the answer was yes. It’s been such a great decision, we really haven’t looked back.

Tell us about the Conversion Incentive Program.

That program is actually the whole reason we were able to make the jump to join. It allowed us to do all of the things people take for granted.

We had everything in place immediately … stuff as small as business cards, brochures and forms, not to mention our signage, our advertising and our vans and trucks. That was a biggie. It helped tremendously with the financial part of it.

What is the biggest benefit as a franchisee?

The guidance and the support the One Hour and Mister Sparky® franchises offer … there’s no comparison. Anytime we need anything, I just pick up the phone or email whoever I need to. And, it’s not like I have to wait a day or two to get a response — most of the time, they have an answer right away. It’s not a big hassle to try to get to the right person, to try to get to whom you need to talk to. If we don’t get in touch with the right person immediately, whoever answers gets us to the right person.

From day number one, we’ve never been misled on anything. The support is second to none.

How has One Hour helped with your brand recognition?

It’s been tremendous, not only with advertising, but also with the bright yellow trucks we now have. People come up to me all the time and ask how many vehicles we have because they see them in every direction from our shop.

When I tell them we only have 11 vehicles, they’re amazed because the yellow vans stick out so well that it seems like we have double that amount. When people pass them on the road, they remember it.

Why did you decide to also add the Mister Sparky franchise?

We saw a need for electrical service in this area. There’s just not a good residential electrical service around. Because we’re now a part of the Clockwork family, it was fairly easy to add that extra business. To add an entire electrical business on our own would have taken a lot more time and money.


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