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Business Insights: Components

Originally published: 06.01.17 by HVACR Business Staff

Business Insights: Components

Embracing new innovations can lead to more efficient jobs — and more money for your business.


If you desire improvement, you have to change the way things have always been done. Sometimes, this means looking at the tools you use and, perhaps, embracing new products and techniques. The most successful companies all have one thing in common: their willingness to embrace change.

Too often, contractors are reluctant to change because, well, it’s easier to simply continue doing what they know. Uncertainty is understandable when it comes to equipping your technicians with tools and products that are different.

Innovation means change, and change means disrupting the systems and processes with which you’re comfortable. Innovation, however, is a big part of this industry and suppliers such as DiversiTech Corporation have made it their mission to introduce solutions to make your job simpler.

“It’s natural to have a lot of questions about a different way of doing things — especially if the new way seems too good to be true,” says Alec Minné, senior director of marketing with DiversiTech Corporation. “For contractors, a great resource to turn to with questions is their distributor.”

Not only are distributors educated on the products they carry from the manufacturers, they

also get feedback from their own customers who use those products. For contractors who are hesitant about supplying their technicians with something new and different, their trusted distributor can address their concerns and help ease their nerves.

HVACR Business spoke with Minné about some of the innovative product solutions DiversiTech has developed to make labor-intensive jobs much simpler than ever before.

Alec Minné
Sr. Director of Marketing
DiversiTech Corporation


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Business Insights: Components is brought to you by DiversiTech

How does the Flex Inject work?

Flex Inject is a new delivery method of a proven line sealant technology that’s been successful in the market for years. It immediately repairs and seals system micro leaks and, best of all, it requires no tools such as manifold gauges.

Flex Inject uses a flexible clear hose with a push button valve and patented misting orifice that sends the sealant into the system traveling with the oil and refrigerant. The sealant reacts with micro droplets of water at the exterior of the leak, creating a protective barrier to keep refrigerant from escaping.

Unless the system is opened, the sealant continues to work for years, preventing future leaks.

Tell us about the Super Change.

This is a product that has really benefited from one of DiversiTech’s acquisitions. It’s a great product that has been around for a while, but not a lot of contractors knew about it.

Now that we’ve made it available to our vast network of trusted distributors, more and more contractors are finding out how great it is.

Basically, it makes oil compatible. When you switch out refrigerants that require different oil, the Super Change chemically adheres your oil with the oil that’s left in the system without the need to clean it out completely.

What makes the DiversiTech Nitrogen Purge tool unique?

DiversiTech took the idea of a flow meter and made it simpler for a quick and easy way to purge copper pipes with nitrogen. With a turn of the dial, a technician can quickly switch to a low flow of nitrogen to properly braze the copper.

Of course, one of the biggest differences is that your technicians can simply toss this tool in their bags without worrying about it breaking because it has an extremely durable aluminum design.

What’s the biggest benefit of the Sentry Refrigerant Locking Caps?

Changes in code in certain parts of the country — the International Residential Code (IRC) and the International Mechanical Code (IMC) — require all outdoor access ports on air conditioning and refrigerant equipment must be tamper resistant.

In response, manufacturers have created tamper-resistant locking caps, however, the keys to open them are all different. A technician who does several calls in a day never knows which key they’ll need on any given call.

The Sentry Refrigerant Locking Caps works like the others but it comes with a universal key, that works on most major manufacturer’s caps. Instead of three or four keys, technicians only need to carry this one universal key.



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