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Aprilaire Mobile IAQ Presentation App


MADISON, WI – Aprilaire helps contractors sell Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) accessories with the release of its Comfort Advisor mobile app. The app lets contractors use their tablet devices or smartphones to show a series of videos while in their customers’ homes.

“Helping homeowners understand the importance of controlling their indoor air quality has never been easier,” explains Tom Ruse, marketing communications manager at Aprilaire. “With this easy-to-use app, the homeowner can watch informative videos while the contractor assesses their needs in the home.”

The videos help homeowners make the connection between indoor air quality and common household problems—like allergies, asthma, mold and more. The intent is to give contractors an edge when discussing IAQ in the home. They become the expert solution provider in the eyes of the homeowner.

In addition to the videos, contractors can use the app to present Aprilaire literature, providing even more details on how they can achieve total comfort with the right combination of indoor air quality products.

Solution-Finder™ Engages Homeowners in Purchasing Process

“This new tool has expansion capabilities built-in,” Ruse continued, “We’ve already completed the design of its first update; the Solution Finder™ interactive IAQ assessment.”

The Solution Finder is a short series of simple questions that the homeowner answers about their indoor environment. Depending on how each homeowner answers, a series of IAQ products pop up on the screen as recommended solutions specifically for their needs. “In a couple of minutes, the Solution Finder assesses problems, recommends the right solutions, and the contractor can then engage the homeowner in making an informed purchasing decision specifically for their home.” Release of the Solution Finder is expected in July 2013.

Aprilaire Comfort Advisor app is available on iTunes for Apple devices or Google Play for Android devices.

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