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Universal Motor-Start Capacitor

AmRad Engineering announced the latest addition to its Turbo series of universal HVACR service products: the Turbo Easy-Start"4".

The Easy-Start"4" is a combination multi-value, thin-film, metallized polypropylene high microfarad capacitor (ranging up to 324 MFD) with a potential relay – both encapsulated in a patented viscous fluid with an aluminum housing.

  • Replaces four commonly used hard-start kits
  • Use UL810 recognized safety interupter
  • Exceeds EIA standards for both metallized film and electrolytic capacitors
  • Color-coded jumper wire system for selecting the start capacitor range for tonnage
  • Simple two-wire connection (black & white)
  • All-brass rust- and corrsion-resistant terminals
  • No relay wire
  • Does not require a vent hole and will never dry out


For more information: www.americanradionic.com


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