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AMCA International Introduces AMCA Publication 513-14, 


ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, Ill. — Air Movement and Control Association (AMCA) International Inc. has introduced AMCA Publication 513, Economizer Damper and Return Air Damper Secondary Labeling Program.

This document outlines the purpose of the AMCA International Economizer Damper and Return Air Damper Secondary Labeling Program. The program exists to provide code officials and other regulatory authorities assurance that a damper that may not be easily inspected within labeled equipment meets regulatory or building code requirements.

The devices in which these dampers are mostly found include air handling units, roof top units, and other packaged commercial HVAC equipment.

AMCA Publication 513-14 documents the procedure by which eligible companies may obtain a license or a sublicense from AMCA International to place the label on their products if a duly qualified damper is used in the product.

A company is eligible if it is a manufacturer of devices that incorporate either economizer dampers or return air dampers.

For additional information, visit www.amca.org.