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Energy Savings Calculator from Air Solution Company
Shows Savings for Clean vs. Dirty Condenser Coils


It's a simple fact: dirty coils reduce operating efficiency and increases energy cost. It doesn't matter what a chiller/ condenser's energy efficiency rating is if its coils are blocked with debris – you will not capture the savings the equipment is capable of providing. In fact, a high-efficiency system with fouled condenser coils becomes an energy hog. Traditional coil cleaning with power washers and coil cleaning chemicals can help, but is a never-ending cycle that is costly and time-consuming and puts your customers' condenser coils at risk of damage due to the cleaning process.

Air Solution Company, a manufacturer of externally mounted air inlet filters, has a solution for keeping coils clean by stopping the debris on the outside at the point of air entry, enabling maintenance service providers to speed up the cleaning cycle using a broom or brush vs. power washing coils. The difference in the cost for cleaning inlet filters vs. the cost of cleaning coils on a current maintenance contract will drop to the bottom line and increase the profitability of the maintenance agreement. What's in it for the contractor/maintenace service provider? INCREASED EFFICIENCY & HIGHER PROFITABILITY. What's it it for your customer? ENERGY SAVINGS!  

Air Solution Company has developed an Energy Savings Calculator that demonstrates the cost savings of operating a chiller/condenser unit with clean coils versus dirty coils – the savings are impressive!

For more information: www.airsolutioncompany.com


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