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Air Scrubber Plus Featured in NASA Magazine


NEW YORK — Air Scrubber Plus with ActivePure technology is featured in this year's Spinoff magazine, a publication of NASA. ActivePure is designated by the Space Foundation as Certified Space Technology. The advancement of NASA technology developed in the 1990s for use on the Space Shuttle Columbia and on the International Space Station to present day uses in the private sector was highlighted in the 2015 edition of Spinoff, which highlights products that underwent a similar evolution.

Air Scrubber Plus is proven to reduce contaminants in the air and surfaces of the home.

"We are thrilled that Air Scrubber Plus was included in the 2015 issue of NASA's Spinoff publication," said Tom Lozano, executive director of Air Scrubber Plus. "The progression of the technology originally developed to slow down the process of aging plants in space missions is now used for the benefit of those who are concerned about allergens and contaminants in their homes, schools, hospitals and work spaces."

Air Scrubber Plus can be incorporated into virtually any indoor heating and cooling system by a qualified HVACR specialist. Once installed, users of Air Scrubber Plus report a noticeable improvement in air quality and cleaner surfaces. Up to 99 percent of contaminants on kitchen counters, toilet seats, door handles and any other surface are reduced. Additionally, dust, allergens, mildew and odor-causing bacteria are proven to be significantly reduced from the indoor environment.

Air Scrubber Plus works via a combination of UV light, oxygen and water molecules reacting together and passing through the honeycomb cell coated with a proprietary formulation of non-nano titanium dioxide and other highly reactive metals. This Advanced Oxidation Process produces superoxide ions, hydroxyls and hydrogen peroxide, which in turn clean the air and surfaces in the indoor environment.

For additional information, visit www.airscrubberplus.com or spinoff.nasa.gov.