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Aerco Light Commercial/Industrial Modulating Boilers

BLAUVELT, NY – AERCO International introduces the Modulex EXT boiler series, offering best-in-class performance in a variety of light commercial and commercial applications. Designed for hydronic heating systems, units operate from 321 MBH to 1123 MBH and have unmatched turndown of up to 24.5:1 for optimum fuel savings, superior operating reliability, and wide installation flexibility. 

The Modulex EXT achieves high performance due to a unique design that incorporates multiple high-capacity, low emissions burners. Each 160,500 BTU/hr. thermal module operates independently to increase turndown range, and the simultaneous low-fire operation design helps maximize operating efficiency. The Modulex EXT series features up to 99% efficiency, and turndown ranges from 7:1 to 24.5:1.

In addition to improving performance, the unique design of the Modulex EXT establishes built-in redundancy for ultimate uptime reliability. If one module fails, the remaining burners will continue to fire, allowing the Modulex EXT boiler to remain operational. A cast aluminum heat exchanger further enhances the reliability of the Modulex EXT.

Installation is simplified with the new Modulex EXT boilers. Multiple supply/return piping, gas piping, and venting locations allow units to be installed in almost any configuration. Venting can be accomplished with a variety of materials including PVC/cPVC, polypropylene, or stainless steel to the right, left, or rear of the boiler.  It also has simple supply and return connections that are attached with four-bolt flanges, so the water and gas connections of a unit can be changed from one side to another in no more than 15 minutes. The installation flexibility allows multiple units to be easily co-located for applications requiring 1 million BTU/hr. Units can be integrated via Modbus communications protocol to a facility-wide energy management system or Building Automation System (BAS).

Featuring whisper quiet operation of <50 dBa and the ability to support low NOx emission, the Modulex EXT can be used in “green” designs and can help facilities achieve LEED points by decreasing a system’s environmental footprint. An epoxy coated enclosure comes standard and allows the Modulex EXT, which is rated for -20 to 105° F ambient temperature, to be installed outdoors with no modifications to the boiler. The boilers are lightweight and feature a small, door-way size footprint to fit in almost any system space.

The new design improves access to all major parts, allowing repairs and replacements to be conducted quickly and easily. The redundant modular design means “emergency maintenance” is a thing of the past.

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