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George Hedley

George Hedley is the best-selling author of “Get Your Business to Work!” available at his online bookstore E-mail gh@hardhatpresentations.com to request your free copy of “Everything Contractors Know About Making A Profit!” or sign up for his free monthly e-newsletter. To hire George, attend a “Profit-Builder Circle” boot camp, or be a part of an ongoing coaching program, call 800-851-8553 or visit www.hardhatpresentations.com.

Articles by George Hedley

Stop Giving Money Away

Setting aside a little time to focus on increasing your net profit will boost your bottom-line and allow you to make a lot more money.
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Motivate with Money

Bonuses and incentives without targets are like playing football without end zones or scoreboards. Set the exact results you want your employees to achieve and measure them to design your incentive program.
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Two Heads Are Better Than One

To get people to make more decisions and take on more responsibility, give them a system that allows them to do most of the deciding themselves.
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Maximize Your Mark-Up

Learn to mark-up your mark-ups for lasting profits. Using variable mark-up charts to strategically boost your gross profit margin
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Holding a pre-job meeting can further improve a company’s performance and make clients happier.

Holding meetings prior to the start of a job reduces the chance of potential conflicts, and increases the likelihood of finishing ahead of schedule and staying under budget.
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7 Ways To Ruin Your Business

Stick to business fundamentals. George Hedley discusses 7 shortcuts that can break your business
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7 Steps to Selling On More Than Price

Taking pride in your company's awesome service and workmanship is one thing, but getting paid more than your competition for better quality is another.
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How to Get Paid Fast

Why commercial contractors need to get 'tough' on payments.
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