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Mike Callahan

Mike Callahan is President of Callahan/ Roach & Garofalo, Inc. The firm is an industry leader in management and marketing training, consulting, and business sales, mergers and acquisitions. Mike served as President of The Air Conditioning Contractors of America and is an internationally known speaker and writer on business topics. Contact him at mcallahan@crginc.cc or call 800-462-8217.

Articles by Mike Callahan

Make Your Move to Mobile

The features and benefits of almost all the systems that we investigated without going into the technical details or revealing specific provider names. This is certainly something you will want to research yourself.
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How To Ring Up More Replacement Sales

It means they practiced the four Ps of retail; Personality, Positioning, Presentation, and Price. Personality: Your company’s personality mirrors your own.
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Creating a Problem-Prevention Culture

Training for "process awareness" can stop mistakes before they reach customers, saving money and ensuring repeat business.
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More Effective Performance Standards in 10 Steps

Identify, create, and manage your standards according to customer requirements.
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Five Things Customers Require

Managing internal customers properly is critical to both bringing in revenue and turning revenue into profits. Mike Callahan offers five critical components necessary for consistently meeting the requirements of our external customers.
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Calculating the True Cost of Bad Customer Service

Mike Callahan shares how to measure the huge costs of poor customer service and ways to reduce those costs.
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Part 2 of Marketing 2.0

Last month, we examined the first three online strategies that President Obama employed during his campaign. This month, we offer two more, as well as a discussion on privacy and getting your own online marketing revolution started.
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Marketing 2.0

The strategy, approach, and tools use in Barack Obama's campaign, and a look at how contractors can apply these same tools to growing their hvacr company brands.
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