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Joy Gendusa

Joy is the founder and CEO of PostcardMania, a marketing firm in Clearwater, Fla. specializing in lead generation and direct mail. Using only postcards, Joy grew her business from the ground up, from a one-woman startup with just a phone and a computer, into a company generating more than $21 million in annual revenue and employing more than 200 people. To download a free report with successful HVACR campaigns and designs, visit postcardmania.com/go/hvacsuccess.

Articles by Joy Gendusa

Marketing Shouldn’t Be An Either/Or Approach

The key to maximizing your return on marketing investment is to integrate your campaigns. Use strategies from both the digital and print worlds. Together, these options complement each other and create an even more effective marketing whole.
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4 Steps to an Ideal HVAC Winterization Service Marketing Campaign

Promoting your business during Fall months can generate wintetime sales and revenue
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3 Reasons Why Your Direct-Mail Results Stink

Postcard marketing will work for you if you do it correctly. Include these 10 elements to prepare a solid direct mailing piece.
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