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Jay Forte

Jay Forte is a speaker, consultant and nationally ranked thought leader. He applies years of research, along with his training as a CPA, working with organizations that want to successfully activate and inspire exceptional employee performance. Renowned for producing results, Jay's firstbook "Fire Up Your Employees and Smoke Your Competition" is due February, 2009. For information on keynotes, speaking, consulting or to see the daily "BLOGucation," visit: www.humanetricsllc.com or www.FireUpYourEmployees.com or call: 401-338-3505.

Articles by Jay Forte

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The Hunt for Opportunities

Failures are opportunities for greater success in a culture that is on a constant hunt for ways to be better and to make a greater difference. Not only can the hunt for opportunities increase your success, but it may help you invent the next product, service or idea the rest of us cannot live without.
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