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June 2014 


Editor's Page

You Only Get One Chance to Make a Lasting Impression

By Pete Grasso

You don’t have long to make a lasting impression, so you better be memorable. Luckily, this industry has no shortage of great minds worthy of praise for their creative marketing strategies.


HVACR Business Stock Index

Economics Improve but HVACR Business Index Slips into the Red

By Margot Crabtree

A mixed bag greeted investors this session, with economic news generally positive, while even over-performing earnings bore scrutiny and geopolitical turmoil pressured Wall Street.


2014 Tops-in-Trucks Fleet Design Contest

Bold, Brilliant and Memorable

By Pete Grasso

The 2014 Tops-in-Trucks Fleet Design contest winners were simply brilliant — showcasing clean design, legible text, eye-catching graphics, clean layouts and strong colors.


Feature Story

Cruising the Strip and Turning Heads

By Pete Grasso

Sometimes, generating leads is as simple as putting your name out there in a memorable way. Three HVACR business owners share their unique take on mobile marketing. 


Fleet Management

How Fleet Management Can Help You Run a Better Business

By Jonathan Durkee

Having GPS is different from having a GPS fleet management system — it’s the difference between the ability to simply get turn-by-turn directions and an intelligent business solution. 

Protect Your Fleet with Built-in GPS

By Robert Hall

Built-in GPS tracking for fleets bring the benefits of a navigational system without the hassles of a separate piece of equipment, allowing companies to confidently send out drivers at any time and to any place. 



Are Your Employees Productive?

By Ruth King

Even if liquidity ratios are stable or increasing, showing increasing profitability, compensation percentages may show a different story. If compensation percentages start to increase, there’s a productivity problem.


Management Advice

Work Together to Avoid Sibling Rivalry

By Lisë Stewart

The team approach to management and leadership is growing in popularity and appeals to the new generation; but it also comes with a few hurdles to overcome.


20 Questions

Winston Hancock, Gilman Heating & Cooling

By Terry Tanker

Winston Hancock, owner of Gilman Heating and Cooling in Ashland, Virginia, a 2014 Tops-in-Trucks Fleet Design Contest winner, discusses the company’s long history, the need to transition marketing to a professional firm and the importance of training and education.