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MCAA – The Education Association

Originally published: 04.01.08 by W. Theodore (Theo) Etzel

To ensure contractors remain competitive, the Mechanical Contractors Association of America Inc. (MCAA) offers its members myriad educational opportunities. 

“MCAA’s biggest challenge in the upcoming years will be to make sure that our members are always on the leading edge of construction and technology and leading the rest of the construction industry in promoting a better environment for the safety and health of our families, country and the world,” says MCAA President Jack Wilhelmi (president of Omaha, Neb.- based Waldinger Corp.) 

To do so, the MCAA presents conferences, training sessions and Web events, all aimed at helping contractors with continuing education efforts. 

For example, MCAA’s Strategic Estimating Conference (June 11-13 in Indianapolis), which will be preceded by an optional two-day course in Estimating Essentials (June 9-10), will focus on the process, future and advantages of estimating high performance buildings. 

“This program is particularly important since it will provide our members with the opportunity to explore the latest intelligent take-off programs,” explains Wilhelmi. “By comparing traditional estimating methods with the latest automated design and building imaging programs, our members will gain an understanding of the time and cost savings that can be achieved—enhancing their value in the design process.” 

MCAA and Mechanical Service Contractors of

America (MSCA) also introduced new courses to help hvacr service-management teams evaluate the financial performance of their service operations and to assist service sales managers in setting goals, developing strategy, and more. MCAA also introduced new programs available for onsite training, including strategic management and claims avoidance. 

To augment its educational programs, MCAA develops educational resources (publications, CDs and DVDs, training materials and model programs) in subjects that range from business management to safety. Recent additions to the catalog include new safety talks for both construction and service, a Twenty Top Hazards Safety Training Kit, an MSCA Model Safety & Loss Prevention Program, and the WebLEM, an online database of the labor units previously contained in MCAA’s Labor Estimating Manual. 

For additional information about MCAA and its programs and services, please visit www.mcaa.org. 

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MCAA – The Education Association

To ensure contractors remain competitive, the Mechanical Contractors Association of America Inc. (MCAA) offers its members myriad educational opportunities.
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