DAVISWARE’S S2000 Now Simply 2000 Percent Better

Field Service Management Software Improvements demonstrate once again that Davisware is an industry leader, always responding to the needs of their customers.

S2000, a software product aimed at streamlining office and field communication, reducing the need for paperwork, and greatly increasing the bottom line for customers ranging from 2 technicians to more than 100 service trucks, has been improved, updated and made much more user friendly by Davisware, a company rightfully recognized in the software industry as a creative and innovative leader.  The entire “look and feel” of the product makes it seem like a new addition to Davisware’s technology offerings.  It is now run by Microsoft SQL, a more understandable state-of-the-art system.

Dan and Jennifer Davis purchased S2000 in September 2011 from Sean Hoyt.  Although they had a strong commitment to customers to continue to operate S2000 as it had been operated for many years, they had an even stronger commitment to dramatically improve the basic core product.  “The new version of the product will provide customers with a wider variety of hardware products that can be used to access S2000,” stated Dan Davis, co-founder and CEO and leader of the software development team at Davisware.  “Updates will now happen more frequently and will be seamless to implement.  From the day that we acquired S2000 we have been working to take the functionality of S2000 and incorporate it into the power of an SQL database.”

The initial unveiling of the SQL version will be at the Davisware client user conference in early November 2013 with the final product release scheduled for the second quarter of 2014.  Some of the key features in the new S2000 will include:

  • Replacement of the Pervasive Database with Microsoft SQL
  • A completely web enabled product to allow for access from the internet
  • Incorporation of the Davisware File Room, with files now a part of the database, not simply a link, preventing disconnection
  • A fully integrated Global Field Solution including Davisware’s Global One Fleet GPS Tracking System and Remote Field Service, offering COMPLETE field solution from your software provider (no need for 3rd parties)
  • Improved navigation throughout the system
  • Job scheduler that will allow users to postpone the generation of reports and emails until needed
  • And, more, based on user feedback and input

Davisware is a full-service provider of industry leading ERP business software nationally.  Davisware prides itself in its intuitive ability to create software solutions that allow businesses to run smoothly and at a maximum profit.  Their product lines, trade-named GlobalEdge Software, S2000 Service Software, Global Warranty, Global Field Solutions, EMWEB, and E2 were developed to manage every aspect of the needs of companies that specialize in service, distribution, construction, and job shop manufacturing.  It ensures the highest productivity for the business and gives clients an edge in the marketplace through the use of this state of the art business technology.  The software is designed to work for the businesses it helps to run, not the other way around. For more information please visit www.davisware.com or call Jennifer Davis at 847.426.6000, ext. 111.