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Noritz Develops Tool for Sizing Tankless Water Heaters

Fountain Valley, Calif.-based Noritz America has developed a tankless water heater sizing calculator that makes it easier for contractors and consumers to select a unit.

The “Find the Right Model for Me” calculator is intended as the first critical phase in a three-step, online process designed to identify the correct Noritz tankless model for a given application; a qualified, Noritz-trained contractor to quote and install the unit; and all available tax credits and utility rebates to lower the installed cost, the company said.

“Consumers, of course, come to our site for basic information on tankless technology, products and — most especially — product costs,” said Jason Fleming, marketing manager for Noritz America. “But they don’t always know where to go next for a solution and a final quote.”

The company said the calculator jump-starts the process of finding an actual solution by offering a preliminary idea of how big a unit is needed. The site then helps locate a nearby professional who can make a final determination on water heater size, as well as the gas-line and venting options, before quoting the cost of the product and its installation.

As part of the tool, consumers enter simple information: the home zip code (a geographic reference that triggers an automatic calculation of the coldest ground water temperature) and the number of showerheads (which alerts the program whether more than one shower is operating at once). “We didn’t want our online calculations to assume anything beyond the basics of one or two conventional shower heads,” Fleming said.

Once the two questions are answered, the program indicates a model number with a few basic specifications: burner size (BTUs per hour), maximum flow rate in gallons per minute and the overall energy efficiency.

“Our aim is to maximize the Noritz buying experience for the home-owning consumer,” Fleming explained. “The best way to begin that experience is by letting her know which tankless model most likely represents the best solution for her home, so she can then start the conversation with the plumber.”