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EcoFactor Broadens Patent Portfolio for Home Energy Services

New patent leverages the mobile device to further improve automated energy savings

Redwood City, Calif. — October 30, 2013 — EcoFactor®, the leader in cloud-based home energy services, was awarded a United States patent (No. 8,556,188) for the use of geolocation data from smart phones and other mobile devices to optimize home energy management services. This is the 14th patent for EcoFactor, boosting its patent portfolio in the residential energy management sector.
The patented technology will enable EcoFactor to add significant new capabilities to its award-winning service. It covers a unique method for using location-based information, such as whether a consumer is on their way home, to optimize the temperature in the home for comfort to coincide with arrival, or to move to a more energy efficient setting when driving away – all without requiring the consumer to remember to change settings.
"We believe the winning energy management system will be the one that does the best job of seamlessly adapting to people’s lives and preferences without requiring them to constantly make adjustments to their thermostats," said John Steinberg, executive vice president and co-founder at EcoFactor. "Soon geolocation data from mobile devices will help increase both savings and user comfort while letting consumers get on with their lives."