Leading HVAC Manufacturer Breaks Old School Mold with 2013 National Roadshow

Originally published: 09.11.13 by HVACR Business Staff


DIAMOND SPRINGS, CA – In a move not commonly done by even the most seasoned of HVAC professionals, Martin King, CEO and founder of leading chiller manufacturer Legacy Chiller Systems is hitting the road on a month-long national roadshow beginning September 16th, 2013.

Breaking the mold from what’s commonly seen in the HVAC industry, the roadshow will blend grassroots methods with more modern social media marketing strategies. There will be daily giveaways to win up to $500 in gift cards for those who spot King driving the branded, custom-wrapped Legacy Chillers vehicle. Those interested in following the company will be able to follow the CEO online through social media and through a specially designated map on the Legacy Chillers website.

Fresh off the announcement of his patented energy efficient water chiller economizer, King will be on hand to showcase his expertise, introducing the latest line of chiller technology and providing training and product demonstrations to interested professionals.

King is excited to be taking his company to a new level in marketing not often seen in the HVAC industry. “We’ve always had requests to see our product lines and view demonstrations, so we thought what better way to do this than get out there in front of our potential customers? We also thought it was a good way to get the word out about sustainable, energy-efficient technology,” he said.

King will be starting his nationwide roadshow in California, making his way south from the company headquarters in Diamond Springs towards Los Angeles and San Diego.

For more information, www.legacychillers.com/roadshow