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ChillMaster P-T Chart Helps Technicians Troubleshoot


WASHNGTON, MO – Parker Hannifin Corporation officially released the Parker Sporlan ChillMaster P-T Chart, a mobile application to diagnose pressure temperature relationships in refrigeration and air conditioning systems.

Proper analysis of the pressure to temperature relationship can help service technicians diagnose a system issue quickly. ChillMaster P-T Chart allows for quick conversion by providing essential refrigerant data to mobile devices.  The P-T Chart features a user-friendly design, precise calculations and customization options, such as saving regularly used refrigerants and selecting a preferred unit of measurement. Refrigerant data is based on National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Refrigerant Properties. More than 70 refrigerants (traditional and natural) are featured in the P-T Chart, which comes with a training article titled, “Using the P-T Card as a Service Tool.”

ChillMaster P-T Chart is available to both Android and Apple IOS users. It can be downloaded at www.parker.com/chillmaster.

For more information, visit www.parker.com