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Arkema Advises Refrigerant Users on R-22 Retrofits


KING OF PRUSSIA, PA – Arkema is working with its customers to ensure an orderly and reliable process to gradually phase-out HCFC-22 (R-22) under the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) phase-out schedule.

“Although R-22 is being phased out, it’s still the best option for many R-22 applications because these systems were designed for use with R-22,” noted Glenn Haun, Arkema’s North America Sales Manager for aftermarket refrigerants.  “Now that the EPA has provided final allocations for 2013 through 2014, we encourage all R-22 users to review all their options carefully before making any major changes to their R-22 equipment or refrigerant.” 

Arkema supplies Forane® 427A, a non-ODP R-22 retrofit refrigerant that offers a close match to R-22 in terms of performance as well as mass flow rates and operating pressures in both air-conditioning and low and medium temperature refrigeration.

Arkema also offers its customers a user-friendly reclamation program. “Arkema's Refrigerant Reclaim program is an important part of our commitment to provide leadership within the HVACR industry during the transition away from HCFC-22,” said Patti Conlan, Arkema’s Market Manager for refrigeration and reclaim in North America.

For more information, visit www.arkema.com