We Are Improving And Expanding, So Stick Around!

Originally published: 03.01.12 by Terry Tanker

We Are Improving And Expanding, So Stick Around!

As I mentioned in last month’s column, we recently moved our offices to a new location. We had a lot of fun buying new furniture, artwork, equipment and other things we needed; but we deemed lots of things valuable and worth keeping. Some things needed minor tweaks, some major repairs, and still others were working fine as is.

One of the things we thought could stand significant improvement is our website. We’ve been revamping it for the better part of two months. And, we feel confident by the time you read this, we’ll be just a few months away from our big launch, which is scheduled for June 1. There, I’ve said it. Now we have to push the go button! So, we hope you investigate the new site and give us your feedback. Your comments can be addressed
directly to me at ttanker@hvacrbusiness.com.

New Columnist: OfficeMax Founder and Author
Each year we try to serve up something really big on the editorial front. In this issue I’m honored to introduce a new columnist, Michael Feuer, the founder and former CEO of OfficeMax and the current CEO of Max-Wellness. You may recall I first introduced you

to him this past November in our 20 Questions interview. You can find that interview on our website by typing his name into the search bar, or going to our digital edition and selecting past issues.

Michael can write on just about any business topic. His column will focus on entrepreneurship, leadership, management, and strategy. I think he will quickly become one of your favorite columnists. Michael also has a new book he’s published and I found it a fascinating read. It’s called The Benevolent Dictator. If you’d like a copy, order at www.benevolentdictator.biz.

Free! 12 More Issues If You Renew
As you know, we provide this magazine to you free of charge, and as a result one of the largest costs HVACR Business has each year is subscription renewal. To help us mitigate this cost, I have a favor to ask of you. If you enjoy our magazine, website, and eNewletter please fill out the subscription card appearing in this issue. It can be found between pages 14 and 15. The postage is free. (Or, if you’d like to help us save the postage, go to our website, www.hvacrbusiness.com, and click on the subscription center button — you’ll find it on the left-hand site of the site. Then click the appropriate

New – Renew – Change Address button. To renew or change address, all you need is your last name and your account number, which can be found on your mailing label. The  number starts with HVA.

We have a massive circulation effort kicking off this month, so some of you will receive phone calls (you’ve indicated that’s how you would prefer to renew your subscription); others asked for faxes, or emails. But the easiest, most cost-efficient methods are returning the card inside this issue or by logging onto our website. The form takes a little less than two minutes to fill out, and you receive 12 months worth of great issues filled with even better advice on how to own and operate your company. In the words of Cuba Gooding Jr. in Jerry McGuire, HELP ME, HELP YOU!

Calling All Fleets: Tops In Trucks Time

It’s Tops In Trucks Fleet Design Contest time of year again, and we’ve already begun receiving entries. We look forward to hearing from you and seeing all the creative marketing you’ve put behind your fleet vehicles. And just in case you’re new to HVACR Business, our June issue hosts The Tops in Trucks contest, an annual salute to outstanding fleet design. It is our way of recognizing contractors on the leading edge of marketing effectiveness. Through this contest we hope to encourage others to follow their example by adopting stellar marketing and branding strategies that will increase sales, competitiveness and brand recognition. Past examples can be found on our website.
Shout Out To NATE

Finally, I would like to thank North American Technician Excellence (NATE) for the invitation to join their board of directors. I am proud to accept the invitation and to be associated with such an important organization in our industry. And, it seems NATE is becoming even more important. The organization processed over 2,000 paper and electronic examinations this February, which is a new monthly record. As many of you know, NATE is an independent, third-party non-profit certification body for HVACR technicians. Candidates can earn installation and/or service certification in one or more specialty areas.  

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