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Wayne Newitts

Wayne Newitts is marketing director for Dexter + Chaney, a Seattle-based software development company that has been providing computer and software solutions to the construction industry for over 30 years. An engineer by training, Wayne has been involved with the development and marketing of business software for over 15 years. He can be contacted at wnewitts@dexterchaney.com, and more information on Dexter + Chaney is available at www.dexterchaney.com.

Articles by Wayne Newitts

Finding, Implementing Construction-Specific Financial Software

Purchasing business software is unlike buying off-the-shelf software in a number of ways, but perhaps the most important difference is that you are purchasing a relationship
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Have You Outgrown Your Financial Software?

When does construction-specific accounting and operations software start to make sense for HVACR contractors? It varies. Some businesses approaching $50 million in annual revenue are able to get by with off-the-shelf bookkeeping applications. But they are the exception. In general, construction-specific software systems start to make sense financially for contractors with more than $5 million per year in revenue and at least 10 employees.
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