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Paul Grunau

The Grunau Co. is a full-service mechanical systems company with more than 500 employees. The company provides expertise on design, construction, installation, and service and maintenance for the commercial, industrial and institutional markets. 

Articles by Paul Grunau

Making The Transition From Planning to Doing

Defining success, documenting plans, and asking questions are keys.
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4 Steps to Improve Employee Performance

Define success, be honest and clear, and provide details and benchmarks.
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Hold on Tightly to Top Employees

Communication, recognition, and inclusion will help your company retain its most powerful asset.
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How to Build Strong Leadership Teams

Deep leadership positions companies to survive and even prosper during challenging times. Such companies possess not only leaders, but also strong leadership teams.
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Improve Your Presentation

Paul Grunau offers suggestions on how to prepare for and deliver presentations. He says the ability to articulate why your team is the best choice for a project, and the ability to express how you will help your customer succeed, will continue to grow in importance.
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Negotiation Basics

Negotiating is really about setting expectations, being open to a mutually beneficial resolution and understanding that the best time to negotiate is before a problem or issue occurs. While this may feel uncomfortable, and even confrontational, it will reduce the challenging end-of-job “negotiations” that we all have experienced.
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Managing For Innovation

Look into the market - outside of the industry, talk with customers and industry experts, and form an opinion as to where you must improve or change to stay ahead of the evolutionary curve.
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Adapting Lean Processes For The HVACR Industry

Inefficiency in construction exists in all areas, including office and management operations, as well as fabrication and field installation. Lean requires a substantial investment to get the return from Lean.
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Building High-Performing Teams

Your leadership affects the success of your organization. If you encourage your company to be a high-performing team you must first do an honest evaluation of your current situation. Evaluate your team against the criteria listed here and solicit your employees’ feedback. Then, think about what you can do to create an environment that inspires and motivates your employees.
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Maintaining Customer Interaction

Contractors should actively seek customer feedback, and develop a deep understanding of the customers’ businesses and what is important to them.
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Creating A Culture That Drives Strategy

Becoming a "chief culture officer" is a paramount in company success.
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