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Tom Piscitelli

Tom Piscitelli is president of T.R.U.S.T.® Training and Consulting. For more information on how his System Selling In-Home Sales Call Training DVD, CD and Self-Study Workbook can help you sell more jobs at higher margins and higher prices go to www.sellingtrust.com

Articles by Tom Piscitelli

Stop Bidding, Estimating, And Quoting

The most successful and most profitable hvac contractors don’t create success by being the lowest-priced job. They are among the highest; but they can show the customer why the extra money is worth the investment.
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Creating Clients For Life

Customers who are not treated well at every turn become history; customers who value how they were treated and what they received for their money are your future clients, and represent your future income and success.
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The First Sale Is The Appointment

As a service provider, setting the appointment is the first step in convincing the potential customer that you are the right choice. Get them to contact you with a customer-friendly, informational website. Make sure you have a friendly and informed receptionist to take calls and make appointments.
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Creating Customer Trust

People want to buy from someone they trust. You can be the most knowledgeable hvacr person there is but if the customer doesn’t trust you they won’t buy from you.
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Overcome, Conquer Sales Stereotypes

Find out how the customer thinks and feels about the buying process, about the problems they have, about the company who does the work…and then help them get what they want in a way that makes sense to them.
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Setting Sales Goals

Setting goals gives use a target to aim for. Hitting the target isn’t as important as having a destination point and a roadmap to follow. The target gives us purpose and focus, and we will be more effective by having both.
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Managing Sales Performance

Setting a goal and creating a plan for achieving it and not reviewing performance regularly is like setting out for a road trip without ever looking at the route you mapped out. Maybe you’ll get there — maybe you won’t.
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To Close More Sales, Offer More Choices

Improved results come only from doing things differently. Learning from the successes of others is your shortcut to improved success. It takes courage to address the risks you face when you change something. Give your customers a high-end choice and you will get more business.
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Presenting The Company

A formula for effective sales communication includes Say What’s Important + Show What’s Important + Tell the Truth
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Giving Choices Will Close The Sale

Act as a consultant to increase sales. Consultants are more likely to be seen as knowledgeable and helpful. Consultants ask questions, listen and take notes. And consultants advise clients on their choices and support them in making the decision that is right for them.
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At The Kitchen Table

Most successful in-home salespeople in any home improvement business will tell you that remaining in the home while you prepare the proposal keeps you engaged with the customer.
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