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Bosch Introduces Electric Tankless Units

Originally published: 07.31.12 by HVACR Business Staff

Bosch Thermotechnology North America announced a new series of electric tankless water heaters that offer class-leading performance and versatility and deliver endless hot water supply, according to the company.

The Tronic 3000 and 5000 electric tankless series from Bosch, with 99 and 97 percent efficiencies respectively, offer consumers a variety of installation options and configurations and performance inside some of the smallest foot print requirements in the industry, the company says.

The Tronic series from Bosch eliminates the need for costly piping and gas line installation, freeing up valuable square footage inside a home. Unlike traditional tank units, Tronic products are tankless, in which the lack of stored hot water inside the unit eliminates standby heat losses, minimizes mineral and sediment build-up and significantly increases efficiency. These point-of-use products also eliminate wait time for hot water as well as piping heat losses.

Offered in five compact models (US12 (12 kW), US9 (9.5 kW), US7 (7.2 kW), US6 (6 kW), US3 (3.4 kW)), the Tronic 3000 series is an under-sink design offering 99 percent efficiency and the ability to toggle between high or low kilowatt (kW) settings based on user preference. A unique water flow pattern inside the unit, combined with copper-sheathed heating

elements, produces hot water on-demand with minimal stand-by loss.

The Tronic 5000 series (WH27 and WH17) is powerful enough for entire-home hot water production in most climates and features a compact, mount virtually anywhere design. Offering 97 percent efficiency, the 5000 series features pulse-modulating elements that ensure a constant temperature output for improved control and performance. To reduce scale build-up, the series’ flow pattern has been optimized that ensures maximum performance over the life of the unit.

All Tronic units from Bosch come standard with a limited 10-year residential warranty and a two-year commercial limited warranty. 

For more information: www.bosch-climate.us

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