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NK Technologies Offers Switch to Monitor High AC Loads

Originally published: 07.31.12 by HVACR Business Staff

NK Technologies introduces the ATS Current Sensing Switch and Transducer. The ATS series is a one piece solution that combines a limit alarm with an analog output signal transducer to monitor produced or consumed AC current up to 1200 amps, while magnetically isolating outputs and inputs to maximize safety. 

An innovative and patent pending rotary switch makes it easy for users to set the trip point, the company says. DIN rail mounting simplifies installation and provides an extremely secure mount that is resistant to conductor movement.

The ATS series allows users to monitor air handling blowers, pumps, crushers and many other large loads with a single self-contained current switch, says Philip Gregory, President, NK Technologies. In addition, the built-in analog signal helps users identify bearing wear and other mechanical problems before they result in unplanned and costly downtime.  

NK Technologies offers no-cost test and evaluation units to qualifying OEMs. Visit the Engineering Resources section of NK Technologies website for access to numerous application notes, and a technology white paper on current sensing technology.

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