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Partner With Business Coach for Professional Wellness Month

Coaching has been proven to help people attain their professional goals and this can naturally translate to a sense of professional wellness. In fact, the 2009 ICF Global Coaching Client Study, conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) with Association Resource Centre Inc., showed that 82 percent of respondents saw a positive change in their goal area of "work performance." Positive change was also seen in goal areas of team effectiveness, wellness, business management, work-life balance, career opportunities, time management, and more.

"Optimizing individual or team work performance" was the top reason people chose to partner with a coach, according to the 2010 ICF Global Consumer Awareness Study also conducted by PwC.

If you are looking to promote a healthy work environment, encourage less stressful professional practices, and help employees become more efficient, June is a great time to start by partnering with a professional coach.

This month is Professional Wellness Month, also known as Occupational or Career Wellness Month, and was originally founded by Words of Wellness to help people live an overall healthier life. It also offers a great opportunity to help others find ways to make improvements in their lives, which is exactly the purpose of professional coaching.

"Achieving professional wellness can be done in many ways, and one way we know to increase effectiveness occurs by partnering with a professional coach," said ICF Global

President and Master Certified Coach Janet M. Harvey.

"Updating your resume or learning a new skill might help you get to the next step in your career, and when coaching occurs or is added to those steps individuals more clearly define and achieve overall career goals with long-lasting results." 

During Professional Wellness Month, the ICF encourages you to explore how partnering with a professional coach can help you improve your personal work performance. 

What will you do this month to focus on your professional well-being? Are there other changes you can make in your busy professional life?

For more information: http://Coachfederation.org/CRS